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Never Lost on the Slope


Ski season is coming! Have you ever lost yourself, a friend or a kid on a ski resort ? Have you ever wondered whether that downhill track is open today ? Is there any congestion at the next chair lift ?

What could still ruin your day might soon belong to history thanks to Geolocation and Geofencing services that are popping up through many different types of systems and wireless technologies.

APY, developped by Abeeway,  combines high performance GPS receiver and a Semtech Lora TM transceiver making this product ideal for low-power small size tracking applications. Position is transmitted to the cloud through the next LoRa gateway and then is immediately available on the mapping application of your smartphone.

Possible use case:


  • Find your kids whenever you lose them on the slope or track all skiers in a group
  • Get an alert whenever someone or something is leaving a delimited area
  • Send an alert reporting your position in case of emergency
  • Optimize the flow of skiers and take full advantage of the resort layout





About Abeeway:

logo Abeeway

Worldwide leader in geolocation solutions for the IoT, Abeeway delivers innovative modules and viewing applications integrating the latest wireless technologies and LPWAN connectivity (LoRa) which marks the end of clumsy geolocation gadgets that constantly need to be charged.

Our new creation takes you out of these limits and allows you to make full use – and better enjoy – your geolocation device

– Up to 1 year of battery autonomy

– Small and handy size (starts at 6cm / 2,4in)

To provide you with customized solutions, we imagine and put together all the functions you need:

  • On-demand geolocation
  • Daily updates
  • Movement alerts
  • Notification in case of exit from boundary
  • Device paging as needed
  • Light up the device
  • And much more…