6 April 2018



Wisteria Solutions is the authorized representative for CEL customers in France.

Product lineup


CEL offers a broad selection of RF Switches, RF Transistors, small and very low power LNA’s and RF Integrated Circuits for many wireless applications:

SPDT, absorptive SPDT, DPDT, SP3T and GaAs FET for the 12 GHz, 20 GHz and 24 GHz satellite bands.

LNA’s for GPS/GNSS applications:

Target markets and applications


Any wireless product manufacturer seeking to provide greater coverage area and higher data rates

  • Dual Band WLAN routers
  • Point-to-Point, and Point-to-Multipoint Backhaul Radios
  • Small Cells, M2M
  • Automotive
  • Metering
  • VSAT, DBS/LNB, Radars
  • Active antennas
  • Mobile, IoT and wearables

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