Tetra PMR Handheld


A typical PMR – Public Mobile Radio – handheld have to handle high level of transmit power while maintaining low current consumption to maximize battery life. Extra features such as LTE or Bluetooth connectivity emphasise the need for compact solutions to limit the real estate of the electronic components.
Tagore Technology offers a full lineup of GaN RF Switches that are suitable for demanding communication equipment where performance and size matters.
In the diagram below, Tagore’s SPDT and SP4T are implemented into a typical multi-band Tetra RF Front End architecture.
Direct benefits are a smaller from factor (up to 20X) and microamps current drain instead of milliamps needed with PIN diode switch solutions.


About Tagore Technology:

tgorelogoPioneering a new semiconductor process enabling high RF power at aggressive price points, Tagore Tech is a fabless semiconductor company providing highly integrated IC solutions for a range of markets from wireless infrastructure to other types of high power radios.
Leveraging an executive management team with a valuable breadth of experience in the RF semiconductor industry (Freescale, International Rectifier, Skyworks), Tagore is a private company owned by the founders,  venture capital investors, and the employees.
Headquartered near Chicago, IL, USA, Tagore has a global sales and distribution networks to respond quickly to customer inquiries and support RF design teams with appropriate engineering expertise.