6 June 2016

Guerrilla RF



Wisteria Solutions is the authorized sales representative for Guerrilla RF customers in Europe excluding Israel.

Product lineup:

GRF2013                                   grf3013                             GRF5020

Infrastructure LNA’s, High Power LNA’s, 5GHz WLAN LNA’s/PA drivers, Broadband LNA’s/Linear drivers, High Linearity Gain Blocks and High Frequency Gain Blocks.

Try the new Guerrilla RF’s fantastic tool to identify the optimum amplifier for your application:   Guerrilla Search™

Target markets and applications:

basestation                          53507                                 ciscocell

Any wireless infrastructure manufacturers seeking to provide greater coverage area and higher data rates

  • Wireless Backhaul: NLOS, Point-to-Point, and Point-to-Multipoint Backhaul Radios
  • Small Cells: Tx and Rx amplification for LTE Advanced and WCDMA HSPA
  • Enterprise/Carrier-Class Wi-Fi access points: high linearity 802.11ac equipments

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