MWC2020 coming soon

  It’s that time of the year again: MWC2020 is around the corner and no doubt once again this year the number of visitors, exhibitors and countries represented will break all records, as well as the quantities of tapas and slices of jamon consumed in the Barrio Gotico. Spectacular announcements of the latest smartphone innovation[…]

Smart Metering

When a Smart Meter have to report the energy consumption back to the utility or to the end user, the wireless link options are countless: WM-Bus, Zigbee, LPWAN, etc… In addition, migrating the installed base of dummy meters is not always an easy journey thus the need for a flexible turnkey solution such as Embit’s[…]


According to market research firm Global Industry Analyst, Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death globally with around 387 million people affected with the disease in 2014 and expected to reach 592 million by 2035. Poor dietary habits, ageing population combined with other genetic factors expose millions of patients to possible complications that call[…]

Tower Mounted Amplifier

In a base transceiver station as pictured above, a Tower Mounted Amplifier is mounted as close as practical to the antenna in order ton reduce the base transceiver station noise figure and therefore improve its overall sensitivity. In order to guarantee the continuity of service when power is lost, a failsafe functionality is implemented, typically[…]

Tetra PMR Handheld

A typical PMR – Public Mobile Radio – handheld have to handle high level of transmit power while maintaining low current consumption to maximize battery life. Extra features such as LTE or Bluetooth connectivity emphasise the need for compact solutions to limit the real estate of the electronic components. Tagore Technology offers a full lineup[…]

Embit’s new LoRaWAN™ EMB-GW1301 gateway is now available!

The LoRaWAN™ EMB-GW1301 gateway is the latest creation of Embit presented to the market. It is a multi service upgradable platform designed to meet IoT M2M scenarios. It enables LoRaWAN™ connectivity to the cloud, providing a cost effective solution for IoT wireless infrastructure. The EMB-GW1301 is based on the Semtech SX1301 chipset, allowing to operate on multiple[…]

Guerrilla RF Announces New Failsafe SPDT Switch for Cellular Boosters, Cellular Infrastructure and L – Band Satellite Communications

  Greensboro, N.C. – Nov. 1, 2016 – Guerrilla RF Inc., a leading provider of high performance MMICs, today introduces the GRF6011, the first member of the company’s growing list of failsafe switch and amplifier devices. Failsafe refers to the characteristic whereby one switch path defaults to a low loss state, when all power is[…]

IoT devices to exceed mobile phones in number

By Yoon Sung-won The number of registered Internet of Things (IoT) devices will exceed that of mobile phones in the next two years on the back of a greater rate of growth and cost efficiency, Ericsson-LG said Tuesday. The network system and service provider reported in its annual mobility report that IoT devices will be[…]