17 September 2018

Endura Technologies

Wisteria Solutions is the official representative for Endura Technologies’ customers in Europe.

Product Lineup


Endura Technologies offers the Best-in-class components within the Power Management and Audio domains: Embedded Transient Control (eTC™), ultra fast (130MHz) Embedded Voltage regulators (eVR™), 12MHz 12A fully integrated Power Module, ultra low power IoT platform, Audio Front End, MEMs and more…

Latest news:
Nov 2018 :Endura Technologies and SoC World leader Unisoc (former Spreadtrum Mobile) announce commercial partnership: Unisoc will integrate Endura’s transient controller eTC ™ into its next generation of SoC.
Dec 2017: Endura Technologies Announces Availability of ET7730 – Industry’s Smallest 6A Embedded Voltage Regulator (eVR™) Solution in 1mm(3) Volume, Operating at 130MHz (click on the eval board above)
May 2016: Endura Technologies and mobile phone chip World leader MediaTek announce a commercial partnership: MediaTek’s latest product offerings will include Endura’s innovative technology 

See below the footprint benefit of the soon coming CH2630, Fully Integrated Power Module:

Engineering samples and datasheet available upon request.

Targetted Markets


Smartphones                                                                                    Wearables                                       Microphones, Headsets, Speakers

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