23 November 2018

Taisaw Technology

Wisteria Solutions is the authorized representative for Taisaw Technology customers in France.

Product Line-up

TST offers a large variety of Saw filters ( resonators, duplexers, oscillators) and Crystals (resonators, filters, oscillators, VCO, VCSO, OCXO, VCTCXO…).

And from its recent acquisition of Cirocomm a large variety of very competitive filters: DR filter, dielectric resonator filter, ceramic filter, HTCC filter, WiFi 5G filter, Sub 6G filter, LTE filter…

Please click below for the complete TST product brochure.

Target markets and applications

Any wireless product manufacturer seeking to provide high precision and synchronisation in the frequency managing its application

  • GPS
  • WiFi, Combo WiFi/BT /BLE
  • IoT
  • Smart metering, Alarm and security
  • 3G, LTE Small Cells, Repeaters, M2M
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Drones


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